This is the sixth year that IAB releases annual research about the State of Data, which addresses the challenges and solutions we are collectively experiencing as an industry for all things data.

The newly-released IAB State of Data Report 2023 presented during the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM) 2023 on January 22-24, examines how data clean rooms (DCRs) and other privacy-preserving technology are being managed and activated. This report provides ad buyers and sellers, as well as providers of privacy-preserving technology, actionable insights regarding onboarding and adoption, use cases, challenges, and opportunities moving forward with DCRs and other privacy-preserving technology.

The 2022 IAB State of Data Reports examined how changes in privacy legislation, the deprecation of third-party cookies and identifiers, and platform policies are affecting data collection, addressability, measurement, and optimization. Part I was about The Measurement Dilemma and Part II about Preparing for the New Addressability Landscape. You can download these reports and previous ones below, view our town halls in video on demand (VOD), and find more information about the state of data on this page.

The collection and use of data to reach audiences and measure online advertising campaigns is central to powering the digital advertising ecosystem. The Measurement, Addressability & Data (MAD) Center aims to provide essential industry guidance and education on solutions amid changes in underlying technology, privacy regulations in a constantly evolving ecosystem.

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